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Swastik Enterprises, established in Pune in 2011, is delighted to introduce ourselves as a premier trader, wholesaler, distributor, and supplier of a vast range of electrical equipment, including but not limited to Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Voltage Detectors, Infrared Thermometer, Test Leads, Electrical Insulators, Digital Earthing Resistance Meter, DC Power Supply, HVT and Micro Ohm Meter, Temperature Controllers, Electrical Tools, Electrical Fuse, and Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

At Swastik Enterprises, we offer state-of-the-art digital multimeters that are so advanced they can measure even the slightest variations or fluctuations. Our mission is to provide reliable multimeters to technicians who require specific functions, which is why we offer a range of models tailored to their unique needs. We firmly believe that mastering the use of a multimeter is a crucial professional objective for all electrical workers.

Since our establishment, we have made great strides in supplying dependable and high-quality multimeters. Our success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our focus on providing top-notch equipment.

Is it illegal to not have a good service?

We guarantee our utmost dedication and truthfulness in providing the finest service. Our team firmly upholds the belief that genuine service involves aspects that can neither be purchased nor quantified, such as sincerity and principles.
Timeliness and reliability are vital principles that we hold in high regard, as we do not wish to detain our valued patrons. The products we offer are 100% guaranteed and of excellent quality, for we hold firm to the conviction that “quality stays in memory even when price is forgotten.”
Consequently, we regard our clientele as lifelong associates and therefore strive to create and nourish long-term relationships.

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter is a measuring instrument that can measure multiple electrical properties. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, resistance, and current, in which case it is also known as a volt-ohm-milliammeter (VOM), as the unit is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter functionality, or volt-ohmmeter for short.
Some feature the measurement of additional properties such as temperature and capacitance.
Analog multimeters use a microammeter with a moving pointer to display readings. Digital multimeters (DMM, DVOM) have numeric displays and have made analog multimeters virtually obsolete as they are cheaper, more precise, and more physically robust than analog multimeters.
Multimeters vary in size, features, and price. They can be portable handheld devices or highly-precise bench instruments.

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