DC Regulated Power Supply


  • The output voltage is continuously adjustable by coarse and fine controls and is displayed on 3 ½ digit, LED display of 12.5 mm height with accuracy of ±0.5% ±2 least counts. (Voltmeters in models 30C/ 30D/ 92A/ 92B/ 92C/ 92D/ 36A/ 36B/ 36C have 3 digit displays.) Output voltage can be floated on any live voltage or any of the two voltage terminals can be grounded to get positive or negative voltage.


  • Load current is displayed on 3½ digit, LED display of 12.5mm height, with accuracy pf ±0.5% ± least counts. (Current meters in models 30C/ 34C/ 36C have 3 digit displays.) Maximum value of output current can be limited from less than 10% to 100% of the capacity by continuously adjustable coarse and the controls.

DC Regulated Power Supply


  • Short circuit and overload protected. Constant voltage constant current type of regulation provides constant voltage if load current is less than current limit setting. If load tries to draw more current than the value of current limit setting, current becomes constant at the limit setting and output voltage comes down to limit the current at the limit setting value.


  • ±0.05% from no load to full load and for ±10% variations in input mains voltage.


  • 125mm (H) x 125mm(W) x 270mm(D), 3.5kgs for 30C/34B/92A.

  • 135mm (H) x 195mm(W) x 270mm(D), 5kgs for 30D/34C/92B/36A/36B.

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