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Regulated DC Dual Power Supply Testers

Application of Regulated DC Dual Power Supply Testers

  • designed as a Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV) source for use in laboratories, industries and field testing. With compact size, it provides DC output voltages for Analog and Digital testing. They provide high regulation and stability with either Digital 3-digit display for voltage & current is provided to read the values, the unit is equipped with coarse and fine controls for adjusting the voltage and current outputs These two parameters can be switched to display either voltage or Current. excellent line and load regulation and is provided with protective circuits to ensure trouble free operation. All the outputs are protected from short circuits and overload.
Regulated DC Single Power Supply

Technical Specifications

  • Input Power : 230VAC+/- 10%

  • Frequency : 50 ± 3 Hz.

  • Line Regulation : Better than 0.05% for the Input variation of +/-10%

  • Load Regulation : Better than 0.05% from no Load to full load.

  • Static Regulation : ±1%.

  • Mode : CC&CV

  • Ripple Noise : Less than 3 mV rms

  • Protection : Short Circuit and Over load with beep

  • Meter : 2Voltmeter & 2Ammeter(Digital)

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